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Mathematics department of Tongji University has been a long-established provider of teaching in mathematics and statistics since 1945, with a firmly established reputation for excellence in research. We now offer single and joint honor Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s programs and PhD programs in Mathematics & Applied Mathematics, and Statistics. The department of Mathematics now has more than 400 undergraduates and around 200 postgraduates, together with the mathematics group consists of 93 lecturers, including 27 professors and 30 associate professors.


In terms of the department’s history, many famous scholars once taught here, including Qixiang Cheng, Yanjun Zhu, Yingchuan Fan, Guolong Zhang, Zhenbang Lu and so on, among whom Yingchuan Fan wrote the textbook [Advanced Calculus] with the highest circulation in China. Moreover, Ko-Chuen Yang, one of the pioneers of the modern mathematics in China, also worked in the department from 1950 to 1952. Another great algebraic geometer of the 20th century, Wei-Liang Chow, took professorship in our department during 1946-1947 and then started his long and distinguished work as a professional mathematician. Speaking of Wei-Liang Chow, who was very talented at mathematics but was obsessed with stamp collecting when he was young, Shiing-Shen Chern, the “father of modern geometry”, persuaded him to pursue mathematics and recommended him to undergo further research at the Princeton University.


Much of science is based upon the application of mathematics, and the department of Mathematics has been undertaking the important task of teaching since 1949. Mathematics provides the theoretical framework for physical sciences, for statistics and data analysis, as well as for computer science. New discoveries within mathematics affect our fundamental understanding of the world we live in, and the School's teaching and research reflect the diversity of mathematics today.


Diversity is at the heart of our department philosophy, so students can choose to pursue their mathematical education in many fields, such as Algebra, Number Theory, Topology, Differential Equations, Differential Geometry, Financial Mathematics, Functional Analysis, Complex Analysis, Probability theory and Statistics, Computational Mathematics, Operations Research & Control Theory, Combinatorics and Graph Theory. Among these areas Financial Mathematics is one of our characteristic researches, opened up and developed by Professor. Lishang Jiang, who won the 2005 Hua Loo-Keng prize for Mathematics. It is worth mentioning that this prize is one of Chinese mathematical community’s highest honours, and is also a lifetime achievement award.


The department thinks that the best mathematics education is to be provided by people who are engaged with the cutting edge of research and deeply involved in the important problems of the day, both in mathematics and the wider world. So we have been putting more and more emphasis on research since 1980, recruiting and introducing domestic talents including famous mathematicians Lishang Jiang, Zhihua Chen, Hongwen Lu, Jiayu Shao, Jiachen Ye, Xionghua Wu, Yucai Su and so forth. In addition, Japanese mathematician Shoji Toshiaki’s participation in our group in 2010 led the department towards internationalisation.


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