2019 East China Topology Workshop
Room 115,Ningjing Buliding





9:00-10:00:胡文传 (四川大学) (主持人:邱瑞锋)

题目:The Euler Number of a $C^*$-action Equivariant Embedding into Projective Spaces

摘要:We will talk about an upper bound of the Euler number of a projective variety $C^*$ equivariantly embedded into a complex projective space in the case that the fixed point set of the variety is isolated, proposed by Carrell and Sommese.

10:30-11:30:杨文元 (北京大学)(主持人:王宏玉)

题目:Martin Boundary of Random Walks on Groups


15:00-16:00:赵学志 (首都师范大学)(主持人:吕志)

题目:Geometric Intersection Numbers of Loops on Surfaces

摘要:Given two loops on a compact surfaces $F$, it is natural to ask: what is their minimal intersection number during homotopy classes? This number is usually said to be the geometric intersection number. In this talk, we shall explain a way to determine the geometric intersection and self-intersection numbers of loops on surfaces. Our integration are Nielsen fixed point theory and Gr/"{o}bner-Shirsov basis. We illustrate an application: An algorithm to compute the distance of loops in curve complex. This is a joint work with Gu Ying.

16:30-17:30:王宏玉 (扬州大学)(主持人:张影)

题目:On Calabi-Yau Equation on Closed Symplectic Manifolds

摘要:In this talk, we deal with the complex Monge-Ampere equation proposed by Gromov on closed almost Kahler manifolds and extend to arbitrary dimension a non-existence result proved in complex dimension 2. Also we consider Calabi-Yau equation on closed symplectic manifolds.